Crypto Sydney panel provides a Consensus washup and some predictions for the future

Tai Tung running the panel discussion with Craig Cobb, Fred Schebesta and Bill Barden

The panel on stage tonight at the Crypto Sydney Meetup gave the audience a great insight into the Consensus 2018 and New York Blockchain Week, and used their time on stage to discuss trading strategies and make some predictions for the crypto and blockchain world.

Enosi’s Chief Operative Officer, Bill Barden, answered questions from the audience ranging from comparisons between Enosi and other blockchain energy projects and how new regulatory regimes may affect token generation events.

Fred Schebesta from provided insight into the number of ‘shady-looking’ projects at Consensus in New York and the importance of token buyers focusing on project fundamentals to avoid getting ‘ripped-off’ by scams.

Craig Cobb from Trader Cobb gave his view that trading on technical analysis works better for him than trading on market news.

The Meetup adjourned early to enable the crowd to enjoy the broadcast of the State of Origin Rugby League game.



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Fleur Hull

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